Power Devices for supplying of consumers in contact wire voltage networks with DC and AC voltage

  • Testing and commissioning of DC and AC motors
  • Simultation of catenary voltages or fluctuations
  • Feeding into local contact wire voltage networks and Zugsammelschienen
  • Inspection of engine vehicles

The Series DB UIC has been specially developed for the simulation of contact wire voltage networks and the commissioning and testing of electrical loads which are operated under these network conditions. The device series enables continuous regulation of the output voltage in several voltage ranges (AC and DC) of 500V ... 4200V without power reduction. Extensive monitoring and protection devices ensure reliable operation of these systems at optimum protection for the operator. Depending on the version and scope of supply is the simultaneous supply of several railway lines possible when switching under full load.

Technical Specifications for Series DB-UIC 4200:

  • Range selection through fixed transformers with secondary-side pin
  • Transformer with plus / minus adjustment for voltage regulation
  • Motorized readjustment, drive via frequency converter
  • Medium voltage switch for area code, and AC / DC Switching
  • Bridge rectifier with a high blocking voltage (9600V)
  • Control optional in separate control cabinet
  • Service-friendly construction


  • Multiple output:
    Switching to different exit points. External panels offer full remote control with mutual locking. The operating status is also displayed on the inactive panels. Connecting the external control panels via 25-pin control cable. Installation in 19 "bench top (3U, 300mm deep)
  • Powershift:
    Extraction point is switched on and off under full load
Technical Specification
Power Input 3 x 400V / 50Hz
Output Voltage 500…4200V, adjustable, divided into six voltage ranges:
AC: 1: 500…1300V AC
2: 900…2000V AC
3: 1700…4200V AC
DC: 4: 500…1300V DC
5: 900…2000V DC
6: 1700…4200V DC
Output Current max. 300A
Output Power 150kW at all output voltages
Ripple (DC) typ. 4.2%
Regulation voltage regulation
Implementation according to VDE and VBG 4
Mechanical design
Controls main switch
Emergency stop button
key switch
Button for ON / OFF
10-turn potentiometer for voltage selection
Button for range selection
Digital voltmeter 4 ½ digits for voltage, current and power
All status indicators via potential-free contacts
Case Triple steel cabinet
Dimensions (WxDxH) approx. 3600x1000x2100 mm
Cooling by filter fans
Output threaded bolt
Remote Control 25pol. terminal Block


  • Circuit diagram
  • terminal plan
  • bill of materials
  • Summary of Balance statement

Final tests:

  • Endurance test at idling speed (U-Control)
  • Endurance test in short circuit (I control)
  • Last experiment in continuous operation (full- and overload)