The power inverter of the DBI-Series are highly efficient custom-made power supplies that provide a galvanically isolated single-phase AC or DC voltage maximum performance while symmetrical loading of the input three-phase network.
The sytems can be supplied either as a stationary or mobile version.

The classic problem: The customer has a 3-phase input power line with 108A protection and wants a single-phase supply with galvanic isolation on the load side for personal safety reasons (i.e. with a floating supply and possibly a different voltage rating) at maximum power.

A conventional transformer converter loads the input power lines with 2 phases only, this means a maximum of 2/3 of the available plant power can be utilized in single phase mode only.
Our DBI - very popular with institutions operating in the german railway DB - offers users the full performance potential of the plant's 3 phase power installations. It converts the 3-phase network to a single phase output with full power, i.e. 75kVA single phase. If this power is not sufficient, we are able to provide significantly higher power peaks by a separate energy store for a short period.

Typical applications of our DBI for the supply of railway and industrial equipment:

  • Safe substitute for a direct contact overhanging wire power feeding in manufacturing and testing
  • External supply of rail vehicles and loads in the railway sector 
  • Service of railway facilities, tractors, wagons during service work
  • Final testing in HV test labs, research, development and industry
Power Classes:
  • Depending on your network protection we can provide you with the loss free conversion of three-phase to single-phase networks up to 1MVA and an efficiency up to 98%!
Technical Data DBI-400-100K
Input 3x400V/50Hz
Output 400V/1Ph. 250A/100kVA
Input Power Distribution 3 phase symmetric loading
Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x1500x2380mm
Weight approx. 1350kg
Equipment Inverter / clamping unit with analog display and control panel
Power circuit breakers
main contactor
Emergency stop switch
Foresight lights red / green
Button off-on
operating lights