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Series SPR  6,8 - 20KVA

  • Generating sets for emergency use.
  • Economic design
  • 2 hours maximum continuous use.

Modell SPR-7 SPR-10 SPR-12,5 SPR-20
Engine Make Ruggerini Ruggerini Ruggerini Ruggerini
Engine Model RF-90 MD-150 MD-190 RD-280
Emergency kVA 6.8 9.4 11.6 20.0
Alternator kVA 7.2 11.0 13.8 22.0
Voltage ( V ) 380 / 220 380 / 220 380 / 220 380 / 220
dB at 7m ( A ) 75 75 75 75
Fuel Tank Capacity ( L ) 4.3 4.0 4.0 10.5
Dimensions ( mm ) 1200 X 700 X 1010 1200 X 700 X 1010 1200 X 700 X 1010 1500 X 800 X 1085
Weight ( kg ) 340 350 350 460

Mounting Arrangement: Set of engine and alternator coupled directly by means of a flexible disk, making a monoblock and mounted on the base frame with anti vibration mountings in soundproof cabin. The modular structure base frame (easy assembly is made of pressure bent steel profiles and sound attenuating elements with a rock-wool layer, which complies with the prevailing regulations. Includes hot air extraction fan for the engine and alternator cooling. Residential type silencer included.
Ruggerini Engine: Four stroke, direct injection and air cooled Diesel engine. Equipped with: fuel tank, stop and solenoid insulation.
Alternator: Mecc-Alte with brushes at 50 Hz, compound regulation, two poles, IP 21 protection degree and class H insulation.
Control Panel: The generating sets can be supplied with MANUAL or AUTOMATIC control panel

Manual Control Panel:
Control Panel for measure and protection equipped
  • CMM 10 control unit which includes the following
    functions and components:
    • Measure and visualization fo the following
      parameters ( instant values ) by means of a
      display: Three-phase voltage, three-phase
      current, frequency.
    • Mechanical hour counter.
    • LED indicators: Activated system, battery charger
      failure, low oil pressure, high soundproof cabin
      temperature, overspeed and generator failure.
    • Alarms: Low oil pressure, high soundproof cabin
      temperature, overspeed, generator failure.
    • Start key and stop button.
    • Sound alarm
  • Emergency push button.
  • Four pole circuit breaker.
  • One single-phase socket.
  • One three-phase socket.
Automatic Control Panel:
Metal cabinet to be mounted on the wall, separate from the generating set, with following components:
  • CGEA 10 control unit for control and protection of
    the generating set, which includes:
    • The condition of the gererating set, measurements,
      alarm messages, etc are shown on the LCD display.
      All messages can be deleted with the reset button.
    • Phase detector and a 2 A battery charger included.
    • Measurements: Generator frequency, voltage and
      current of set lines, voltage of mains lines, working
      hour counter, battery voltage.
    • Alarms: Low oil pressure, hight soundproof cabin
      temperature, battery charger alternator failure,
      overspeed, generator voltage out of margin,
      overcurrent of the generator, frequency out of
      margin, atrat failure.
    • Adjusting parameters (available through and access
      code): Voltage margins, maximum current, relation-
      ship of current transformers, frequency margins,
      maximum duration of the start attempts, cooling
      time, time for switching off the genset after mains
      recovery, maximum delay for stopping order.
    • Operating mode: Auto, manual, test and disconnect
  • Emergency push button.
  • Sound alarm
  • Contactors included
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